Profile Mesh Fencing

Weld mesh panels are possibly the most flexible fencing solution currently available and can be finished to match an existing site or your company branding.

Suitable for perimeter fencing and internal site demarcation for commercial, industrial, leisure and recreational sites as either high or low security spec.

Wire patterns can can help reduce the impact of your fence on the surrounding environment. If the impact of your fence on your surroundings is important please tell us when you contact us.

Below is an example of the 5 main mesh designs we use, you can see how the combination, frequency, crimping or gauge of the wires gives the panels the properties we require; strength, rigidity, the ability to get finger or feet holds for climbing, difficulty in cutting or how easy it is to see through.

Depending on the project we will sometimes use a combination of mesh patterns to either increase security or to reduce visibility between either side of the fence. Our team will be happy to advise on which system or combination of patterns will best suit your application, call: 0800 0116144 / 01325 480502 or email: