Sliding and Cantilever Gates

Sliding gates and cantilever gates both use the space to the side of the entrance, to store the gate when retracted. Suitable for spanning large openings, a single width gate can span up to 12 metres and a double cantilever gate can reach to 24 metres.

For larger sliding gates a wheel is attached to provide additional support and smooth, quick operation, this can be tracked by installing a runway into the ground below the gate, for the wheel to follow, although this can have it’s own problems, if debris gets into the track. Cantilever gates overcome this problem by extending the gate out from a fixed set of rollers at the main portal.

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Sliding gates Specifications
Height Up to 3m.
Width 12m at 2.4m high or 8m at 3m high.
Infill Bar / Mesh / Palisade / Timber.
Powered Manual / Auto.
Access Control Various.
Finish Galvenised / Painted / Powder Coated.
Suitable for Commercial, retail and industrial sites.