Betafence award winner Backworth Park Primary School

Betafence 2018 Award to Rennyco

Rennyco were proud to receive Betafence’s “Outstanding Fencing Installation of the year” award for a 'challenging' school contract completed in 2018.

The project at Backworth Primary School, Newcastle upon Tyne, involved the supply and installation of 1000m of fencing as part of a new school build.

Rennyco have been a Betafence PRO-net contractor for over 15 years and have previously been awarded the manufacturers coveted Blue Ribbon Award for a previous installation. This makes them an easy choice for a client wanting to take advantage of the BEKassure 10-year guarantee scheme.

The award was based on the installation of Betafence's Nylofor 2D mesh systems, which was used for both the perimeter surround, as well as for a ball court and segregation areas. The gates were manufactured by Rennyco at their workshops in Darlington using the same Nylofor 2D meshpanel infill.

In addition to the fencing supplied by Betafence, Rennyco were also contracted to supply and install timber amenity fencing around bins and a 1m high Jacksons playtime fence around the infants playground area within the school grounds.

Michael Campbell, the Betafence BEKassure auditor, who assessed the installation of the Nylofor 2D mesh system commented: “This contract was completed to the highest possible standards despite the problems facing the company”, “They had to move off site on a number of occasions and the ground conditions were challenging to say the least”.

The difficulties outlined, refer to the need for Rennyco to work alongside other ongoing works at the site, achieving  timescales that would allow all the contractors involved to achieve their goals.  The site also had some challenges as a result of the uneven ground, however Rennyco's installers met this challenge, achieving the specifications required by Betafence for the performance and appearance of the installation.

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