Steel Palisade Fencing

Steel Palisade Fencing

Palisade steel fencing provides a formidable deterrent and remains a popular choice amongst site managers looking for a secure perimeter fence.

Consisting of steel pales with either ‘W’ or ‘D’ shaped profiles and a choice of head designs which contribute to both the physical appearance of the pales as well as providing additional difficulty for anyone trying to climb the fence.

Our palisade fence is manufactured from hot formed and cold rolled steel and is hot dip galvanised to BS729:1971 (which makes it highly resistant to corrosion), it can also be powder coated to almost any colour and can supplied in either in component parts or or pre-manufactured panels for faster assembly on site.

Palisade is an affordable and flexible solution for long runs of perimeter fencing

Palisade fencing works well with uneven ground and can be installed up to and onto buildings or into rivers and waterways.

Backfilling the palisade pales will prevent ‘burrowing attacks’ by intruders or animals, outriggers and cranked sections with either razor wire or electrified cable provide even greater levels of security.

Strong and highly durable, Easily repaired, Quick to assemble, Difficult to climb, Can be upgraded to increase security, Can be installed over uneven ground, Can be attached to walls or buildings, Allows wind to flow reducing risk of weather damage.

Do you need help with quantities
Our experienced sales team will help make sure you have the correct quantities of palisade for your project with all fixtures and fitting required to keep your install on time.

Square head palisade fence
Square head palisade fence

Triple point palisade fence

Rounded palisade fence

Rounded notched palisade fence

Palisade Fence
Palisade Fence Specifications
Fence Panel Heights
0.9m / 1.2m / 1.5m / 1.8m / 2.0m / 2.1m / 2.4m / 3.0m / 3.6m.
Fence Panel width
2.75m We can supply palisade for assembling on site or as pre-assembled panels.
Head Design
Palisade comes in either 'D' or 'W' steel profiles, we would suggest 'W' profile palisade for installations with a higher security risk. The additional folds in the profile give the pale greater strength and makes it harder to gain purchase when attempting to climb.
Galvanised and polyester coated in standard or custom RAL colours.
Mesh Pattern
Suitable applications
Perimeter fencing, Airports, Schools, Industrial and retail parks, High security sites, Parks and recreational grounds.
Fixtures & Fittings
Available as a welded panels or in their component form to be assembled on site. All fixtures and fittings are included for supply only or supply and installation. RSJ /IPE / UB Palisade posts / Replacement palisade pales / Palisade rails / Palisade fishplates, (corner and straight) / Bolts & Cones for rails and pales.
Sliding, Cantilever, Speed, Tracked, Swing, Turnstiles, Rising Arm Barrier