Timber Fencing

Timber fencing provides an attractive finish, it has excellent acoustic properties

(providing a noise reducing barrier) and remains a popular choice for commercial fencing projects. Planners will often specify timber fencing to hide utilities on residential or commercial sites. As temporary fencing, timber hoardings provide excellent protection for building sites, obscuring equipment and materials from potential thieves whilst protecting the public from the noise, dirt and debris on site.

Solid timber fences have a good acoustic performance, they are attractive and can easily be branded. Post and rail fencing is cost effective and provides attractive demarcation for low security installations.

Timber Fencing
Fence Panel Heights
To suit application
Fence Panel width
Post widths to suit application
Suitable for:
Education, residential, agricultural, recreational and light commercial
Fixtures & Fittings
Round or square timber or steel posts with nail or screw fixings
Sliding, Cantilever, Tracked, Swing, Turnstiles, Rising Arm Barrier