Temporary Fencing

Temporary Fencing

Rennyco sell, hire, deliver and install temporary fencing solutions for concerts, festivals, building sites and public events.

We have a variety of systems suitable for general crowd control and demarcation through to budget mesh panel systems which offer greater security.

Choosing the right solution for your site depends on the level of security you require and the length of time you need the fence in place.

Festivals and Event Fencing
Event or festivals fencing is usually only required for a short period of time. The fencing needs to offer some level of security although it is primarily used to contain an area and provide demarcation and traffic control for large groups of people. Heras fencing is popular for this type of work as it is quick and easy to transport and errect, consisting of mesh wire panels up to 3.5m wide and 2m high which can be joined together and slotted into heavy rubber or concrete blocks.

Securing Building Sites
Securing a building site or development generally requires a higher level of security over a longer period of time, and in some cases we will use a permanent meshpanel fencing system to secure the perimeter of a site, if the contents of the site justifies that level of protection. Heras is also suitable for use on building sites and can installed with a mesh fabric to help prevent building debris from escaping the site or as a visual barrier.

Heras Fencing
Heras Fence Specifications
Fence Panel Heights
1.20m & 2m
Fence Panel width
Mesh Pattern
Twin wire 656 200×50 or 868 200×50 mesh pattern.
Suitable applications
Festivals, event management, building sites.
Fixtures & Fittings
Rubber Blocks support the fence with clip fastenings.
Swing, Turnstiles, Rising Arm Barrier