Electric Sliding Gates

Electric sliding gates provide a fast and automatic way to control access to sites, using cantilever or tracked gates.

Single electric sliding gates can span up to 12 metres and double gates 24 metres, with space to the side for the gate to retract. If space is restricted telescopic or articulated sliding gates are available. Gates are opened and closed using powered roller carriages.

Electric cantilever gates
Electric cantilever gates are quieter and smoother than tracked gates and can operate over rough, uneven or ramped surfaces, with an overhang reaching across the entrance. To achieve this the gate needs to be longer or have additional weight to provide a counterbalance.

Electric tracked sliding gates
A wheel or roller is attached to the bottom of a tracked sliding gate to support and guide the gate during operation. Tracked gates don’t need the additional length or strength and the forces acting on the gate are spread more evenly between the components. Generally a tracked gate would be cheaper to manufacture than a similar sized cantilever gate, however they require a smooth, level surface or ‘track’ installed across the width of the opening, which can increase the time and cost of installation and debris in the track can severely impact on the gates operation.

Up to 3m
12m at 2.4m high or 8m at 3m high
Bar / Mesh / Palisade / Timber
Manual / Auto
Access Control
Galvenised / Painted / Powder Coated
Suitable For
Commercial, retail and industrial sites