School Fencing Gateshead

School Fencing Contractors Gateshead

Our work on school fencing, rails, cycle shelters and more can be seen across Gateshead and the wider North East. We use only the highest quality wood and metal materials, including mesh, timber and steel, to construct both permanent and temporary shelters that work for your school.

As a trusted contractor, we have delivered work, on time and to budget, including projects in as little as 2-4 weeks. Having previously delivered work for schools across the region, including Abingdon Primary, Middlesbrough, Seascape Primary School, Seaham, Excelsior Academy, Gateshead and Corporation Rd Darlington.

Enquire today about our rising arm barriers, automatic sliding gates, wheelchair access gates, access control systems, and temporary barriers.

Security Fencing for Schools in Gateshead

We make adding security fencing to your school an easy process. Whether you require crimped or profiled mesh, twin wire mesh, “358” mesh fencing, perimeter or dividing fencing, and timber fencing, our team is here to help.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing structure or install from new, talk to our team today to discuss your security fencing and access control requirements.

• Specialists in security fencing and access control
• Delivering on time and to budget
• Designed using finest quality metal and wood materials, including steel, mesh, and timber
• Experienced and friendly team
• Temporary barriers, railings, fences, sliding gates and cycle shelters designed to specific requirements

Access Control for Schools in Gateshead

Using technology such as Wi-Fi and GSM, our access control systems are a safe, reliable and simple way to control the access to your site.

Whether included as part of a project, or retroactively fitted barriers, gates and fencing, including railings, mesh fences, raising arm barriers, wheelchair access gates, temporary arm barriers, automatic sliding gates, and more, contact our team to discuss your needs today.

• Metal and steel fences, automatic sliding doors, railings, rising arm barriers, and more are compatible with access control options
• Secure and easy to use access control options take minimum time to grant people access
• Swipe cards, proximity sensors, keypads and biometric access control options available

Railings for Schools in Gateshead

Railings are a fantastic, secure option for schools of all shapes and sizes. We provide a wide range of railing options, from traditional designs to modern, eye-catching looks, on time and to budget.

Give us a call to discuss your timescale, budget and design requirements today.

• Steel and mesh railings in a range of modern and traditional designs
• Trusted contractor across the region with a wide portfolio
• Secure access control points via Wi-Fi and GSM networks

Cycle Shelters for Schools in Gateshead

With many schools looking for ways to become more environmentally-friendly, our cycle shelters can be an effective method for encouraging more people to have the option to cycle into schools.

Practical, secure and built to withstand weather conditions, our mesh, timber and steel cycle shelters come in a range of styles. Discuss your options with our friendly team today.

• Modern and stylish designs using high-quality metals and woods
• UK-wide supply available
• Opens up options for green, environmental transport methods

Temporary barriers and safety equipment for schools in Gateshead

In addition to our wheelchair access gates, raising arm barriers and automatic sliding gates, we also provide a range of safety equipment, including winter grit and temporary barriers and signage for covid-testing temporary sites.

To discuss your requirements, please speak to our friendly and professional team today.

• Barriers and signage for sites conducting Covid-19 testing
• Reliable supplier across the UK
• Discuss your requirements with our professional team today