School Fencing Tyne and Wear

School Fencing Contractors Tyne and Wear

When it comes to delivering safe and secure fencing, railing and other entry points for schools, we have an unrivalled regional reputation. Our professional, friendly team understands the specific challenges associated with delivering projects on school premises, including timings and budget.

Many of our projects can be delivered in as little as 2-4 weeks and we only use the highest quality wood and metal, mesh, timber and steel materials.

We have worked with schools across Tyne and Wear, including Backworth Primary School, North Tyneside, Excelsior Academy, Gateshead and further afield in Durham, Teesside and York.

We are known for our experience in installing railings, fences, and cycle shelters, as well as our access control systems, wheelchair access gates, temporary barriers, rising arm barriers, and automatic sliding gates.

Security Fencing for Schools in Tyne and Wear

When it comes to security fencing there are several options, including crimped or profiled mesh, twin wire mesh and “358” mesh fencing, as well as timber fencing, perimeter and dividing fencing.

We will work alongside you to ensure your project delivery is smooth and hassle-free. We will help you pick the best materials for your next fencing project, whether it is upgrading existing steel, mesh or wood fencing, or starting again from scratch.
Our team looks forward to working with you to meet your requirements.

• Knowledgeable and friendly school fencing contractors
• Specialists in access control
• Designed using finest quality metal and wood materials, including steel, mesh, and timber
• Temporary barriers, railings, fences, sliding gates and cycle shelters designed to specific requirements

Access Control for Schools in Tyne and Wear

When it comes to barriers, gates, and fencing it’s as important to have simple to use, dependable access control points as it is to know your site is secure. Whether it’s included on a temporary arm barrier, wheelchair access gate, raising arm barrier, wheelchair access gate, automatic sliding gates or another barrier, it needs to be effective and efficient.

Wi-Fi or GSM secure networked access control is a great option for a variety of barriers, gates and fencing, including railings, mesh fences, raising arm barriers, temporary arm barriers, automatic sliding gates, wheelchair access gates and more.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements today and let our friendly team help you deliver the access control points you require.

• Friendly and reliable service
• Convenient and secure access control options
• Metal and steel fences, automatic sliding doors, railings, rising arm barriers, and more are compatible with access control options
• Swipe cards, proximity sensors, keypads and biometric access control options available

Railings for Schools in Tyne and Wear

We provide school railing options for schools across the region that are safe, secure and stylish. Whether permanent or temporary, we ensure that your steel or mesh railings work your school’s individual requirements.

Choose from a range of access control points and materials to create railings that match your school’s budget and timescale.

• Steel and mesh railings in a range of modern and traditional designs
• Secure access control points via Wi-Fi and GSM networks
• A wide portfolio of work
• Trusted contractor across Tyne and Wear

Cycle Shelters for Schools in Tyne and Wear

Cycle shelters can prove a big boost to your school, providing a secure, stylish and practical place to park bikes. Shelters can be built using a variety of wood and metal, including mesh, timber and steel to make them durable in any weather conditions.

Whatever your dimension, style or budget, we Our will work with you to create a practical and useful final construction.

• Modern and stylish designs using high-quality metals and woods
• UK-wide supply available
• Opens up options for green, environmental transport methods

Temporary barriers and safety equipment for schools in Tyne and Wear

In addition to our automatic sliding gates, wheelchair access gates, and professional raising arm barriers, we also provide a range of materials currently required for covid-testing barriers, such as temporary barriers and signage.

Please speak today to our friendly team today to stick up on your winter essentials, such as grit packs.

• Reliable supplier of temporary safety structures
• Barriers and signage for sites conducting Covid-19 testing
• Discuss your exact requirements with our friendly, professional team today