School Fencing Darlington

School Fencing Contractors Darlington

With over 34 years experience as school fencing contractors we are equipped with the required expertise and technical know-how to install fencing, railings, barriers, and access control to nothing short of the highest standards. We appreciate some schools have time sensitive requirements which is why we have all of the necessary man power to be able to complete your projects in the shortest time span possible whilst maintaining quality.

We have supplied and installed perimeter fencing systems for many popular schools such as Heighington Primary, Bishopton Redmarshall Primary, Rufforth Primary in York, and Longfield Academy. Once your order has been placed you are looking at approximately 2-4 weeks lead time to us commencing on site depending on the product involved.

Projects we have carried out recently have included rising arm barriers, automatic sliding gates, automatic swing gates, wheelchair access gates and cycle shelters. Additionally, we have been providing temporary fencing, temporary railings, queuing and other safe distancing measures for covid-19 for schools in Darlington.

Security Fencing for Schools in Darlington

We ensure that all of our security fencing and gates meet the highest quality standards, are robust and maintenance free for future years to make the school environment a safe place. Some of our most popular types of fencing include (with matching gates):

• Steel Palisade Fencing
• Steel Railings
• Pedestrian Guard Rails
• Temporary Fencing
• Barriers
• Mesh Fencing

We have various types of mesh fencing for schools which include:

• Crimped/profile Mesh Panel Fencing
• Twin Wire Mesh Panel Fencing
• Paladin Mesh Panel Fencing
• Roll Top Mesh Panel Fencing
• 358 Prison Mesh Panel Fencing

Other types of fencing useful for schools include:

• Spectator Fencing
• Ball Stop Netting

Access Control for Schools in Darlington

We have provided access control to a number of schools throughout Darlington and surrounding areas. We ensure access control work is of the best standards and timelines are strictly adhered to for all access control work carried out. We can provide customised solutions matching client requirements.

We specialise in providing Access Control for schools in Darlington, in the form of:

• Rising Arm Barriers
• Automatic Sliding Gates
• Speed Gates
• Turnstiles

To compliment the above Access Control solutions we also provide high quality accessories such as:

• ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)
• Intercoms
• Mobile Network (GSM)
• Remote Control Fobs
• Proximity Cards and Tags
• Biometrics (finger)

Cycle Shelters for Schools in Darlington

The concept of building cycle shelters in schools is not new, but what is new is the way the designs have evolved over the years and although we primarily are a school fencing contractor we have made our best endeavor to keep ourselves abreast with the latest innovations. We thrive on setting standards which other contractors can only follow when building cycle shelters for schools in Darlington. Through use of metal, wood, steel, timber and other materials, cycle shelters have undergone a complete revamp in various schools. In addition to being one of the renowned school fencing contractors in Darlington, our work for building cycle shelters across Darlington speaks volumes about our diversification.