Fencing, Railings, Gates & Barriers in Tyne & Wear

Fencing, Railings, Gates & Barriers in Tyne & Wear

We are an independent team of steel manufacturers and suppliers and we have been providing durable and affordable security fencing, security railings and access control products to commercial, industrial and local government clients in Tyne and Wear for longer than 30 years.

Our high-quality product range offers high levels of protection, security and safety and we put the needs of our customers first along with providing industry best standards of workmanship.

Steel Products & Steel Railings in Tyne & Wear

As dedicated steel manufacturers / suppliers we focus on making sure that our steel palisade, steel railings, cantilever sliding gates and fencing serve as an efficient deterrent and deliver increased security fencing. Our steel fencing is highly durable, flexible and cost-efficient and it can be installed over uneven surfaces and attached to buildings or walls with ease. Our steel fencing is available in a selection of sizes and profiles and is suitable for many applications such as industrial estates, schools, airports, recreational grounds, retail parks and sites with high security requirements.

Our steel fencing is available in a selection of sizes and profiles and is suitable for many applications such as industrial estates,schools, airports, recreational grounds, retail parks and sites with high security requirements. Palisade fencing, steel fencing and steel security railings offer an ideal solution for most security applications such as industrial units, sports clubs and increasing the onsite security of your premises.

We are trusted suppliers of steel railings, steel gates, steel crash barriers and pedestrian guard rails that are ideal for traffic lights, car parks, roadsides and pedestrian crossings and our products can be set in concrete as standard or bolted onto concrete. Benefits and specifications of our steel fencing and steel palisade fencing products include:

Benefits & Specifications
Assorted Sizes
Assorted Designs
Assorted Finishes
Suitable for a selection of gates and barriers
Corrosion Resistance
Highly Durable

Timber Products & Temporary Fencing in Tyne & Wear

Our timber fencing and timber palisade fencing products are highly popular with commercial customers as they effectively conceal utilities found on both commercial and residential sites as well as offer an appealing aesthetic and a reduction in noise.

Timber fencing is perfect for temporary fencing on building sites as it serves as demarcation fencing providing a temporary solution during ongoing construction. Timber fencing specifications include:

Benefits & Specifications
Panel heights and widths to suit specific applications
Treated Finish
Timber/Steel Fixtures & Fittings
Suitable for education, residential, construction and light commercial sites

Mesh Fencing Products in Tyne & Wear

Our range of mesh fencing panels can be finished to match the brand logos and site aesthetics of our clients as well as offer the ideal fencing solution for both high and low security areas. Mesh fencing panels are highly suitable for industrial, commercial, leisure and recreational sites and they provide strength and rigidity as well as reducing visual access. Our mesh panels are multi-functional and the implemented wire patterns reduce the impact of your fence on the surrounding environment. Our spectator fence products also incorporate mesh panels and are perfect for spectator fencing/crowd control in sports grounds. Products include crimped/profile mesh panel fencing, twin wire panel fencing, paladin mesh panel fencing, roll top mesh panel fencing and 358 prison mesh panel fencing. Our range of mesh fencing products include:

Multi Use Games Areas/MUGA in Tyne and Wear
Multi Use Games Areas or MUGA are found in many locations such as schools, colleges and la varied selection of leisure centres. Our mesh fence profiles are specifically designed to suit several sporting activities and they are typically weld mesh panels that offer an attractive appearance as well as adding strength to reduce impact from equipment and players.

Benefits & Specifications
Crimped Mesh Panel Fencing
Twin Wire Mesh Panel Fencing
Paladin Mesh Panel Fencing
Roll Top Mesh Panel Fencing
358 Prison Mesh Panel Fencing
Spectator Fence
Ball Stop Netting

Other Products

Barriers & Bollards in Tyne and Wear
Barriers and bollards are ideal for reducing the risk of accidents, personal injury and property damage. We carefully assess the onsite safety needs of our clients and utilise traffic control systems that effectively manage the movement of people and vehicles. The advantages include:

GPR Fencing & Frangible Fencing in Tyne and Wear
GPR Fencing and Frangible fencing provide an effective alternative to metal fencing. Both radio transparent and non-conductive, GPR fencing can substantially improve resistance to fire and corrosion.

Frangible Fencing is ideal for use in locations such as airports as it will break into fragments on impact and limit any possible damage. It is also suitable for use in railways, chemical sites, electrical substations and electrical enclosures. Advantages of GPR Fencing and Frangible Fencing include:

Our varied selection of steel gates, steel barriers, electric sliding gates are of the highest quality, efficiency and durability.

Our access control solutions can be installed across our large range of fencing products and we ensure our client base receives the right security fencing or access control option for their onsite needs.

We are dedicated steel manufacturers and suppliers in Tyne and Wear and from security fencing, steel railings, turnstiles, steel gates, steel barriers, electric sliding cantilever gates and pedestrian guard rails to palisade fencing, timber palisade fencing and mesh products such as crimped/profile mesh panel fencing, twin wire mesh panel fencing, paladin mesh panel fencing, roll top mesh panel fencing and 358 prison mesh panel fencing for multi-use games areas or MUGA our construction and installation services are of the highest quality along with the large selection of products for sale to our customers across Tyne and Wear.

Benefits & Specifications
Reduced risk of damage and injury
Effective Traffic Control
Vehicular Management
Benefits & Specifications
Increased safety measures in dangerous operational environments
Fire Retardant
Corrosion Resistance
Reduced damage from impact