Access Control Darlington

As a supplier of a range of access control systems we can integrate one or more systems to facilitate the operation of gates, barriers, turnstiles restricting and monitoring site access and increasing security. They are suitable for a wide range of applications including the operation of gates, barriers, turnstiles, restricting and monitoring site access and increasing security.

Access Control Methods
(ANPR) Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Mobile Network (GSM)
Proximity cards & tags
Remote control fobs
Biometrics (finger)
Benefits & Specifications
Car Parks
Industrial & Commercial Sites
Schools & Colleges
Play Areas & Leisure Facilities
Hospitals & Care Facilities
Transport Links Schools & Colleges

Swing Gates & Speed Gates in Darlington

Our swing gates can be single or double leaf. They can be automated to open utilising the access control methods we supply and fit and they provide a high level of security. Speed gates offer the great advantage of fast access to and from your site as they can close in as little as 2 seconds. Speed gates are suitable for high security sites that require speedy entrances and exits such as emergency services facilities and police stations.

Electric Sliding Gates in Darlington

Sliding Gates /cantilever gates. The gate glides on two sets of support/guide rollers, fixed to a concrete foundation, hidden within the main lower beam extrusion protecting them from the elements ensuring a reliable, smooth and virtually silent operation. These electric sliding gates can span up to 12 or 24 metres when used together to create a double.

Rising Arm Barriers in Darlington

Rising Arm Barriers offer reliable access control to commercial and recreational sites. Rising Arm Barriers can be manually or electrically operated, and ensure excellent vehicle access.

Turnstiles in Darlington

Turnstiles are ideal for use in both high and low security installations and offer fast access control to pedestrians. Available in galvanised, painted or powder coated finishes our turnstiles effectively manage crowding and ensure a controlled flow of onsite visitors.