Swing Gates

A swing gate can be a single or double leaf gate

generally cheaper than sliding or cantilever gates as they are simpler both in their construction and installation. Swing gates can be automated to open using all the usual access control methods that we supply and fit. Disadvantages of electric swing gates include; speed of operation and the need for clearance for the gate to swing open, although this depends a lot on the size of the opening the gates are providing. Swing gates offer a high level of security

Auto swing gates creep in the wind and should only be operated as open / close and not left open for prolonged periods unless an electromechanical lock is fitted to a holding back post.

Manual swing gates are often installed alongside automated barriers. During a site’s operating hours the swing gate is opened and will remain open, an automated barrier will then operate to control access to and from the site.

Swing Gates
Up to 5.2m
Up to 12m
Bar / Mesh / Palisade / Timber
Manual / Auto
Access Control
Galvenised / Painted / Powder Coated
Suitable For
Industrial, commercial and retail sites