School lockdown drills

School lockdown drills are being practiced by schools in Teesside in an attempt to train staff and students how to react to violent or dangerous situations.

All schools have emergency procedures in place which cover a number of potential threats, however the decision to start practicing lock down drills comes after a statement by the teaching union NASUWT, who have encouraged schools to have a more proactive approach to threats which may include; noxious fumes from a fire or chemical incident, weapons in school, animals in school grounds, aggressive pupils or parents and bomb threats.

The Department for Education confirms, ‘Schools have a legal responsibility to ensure staff and pupils are safe.’

Lockdown drills at schools

Children are instructed to hide under tables, whilst teachers lock classroom doors, lights are turned off, window shutters pulled down and barricade windows

Concerns from parents will no doubt be mixed between ensuring children are kept safe and prepared for every eventuality and the possibility of their children being exposed to unnecessary fear and worry.

The Gazette Live reports the following responses from our local authorites

Hartlepool Council

A Hartlepool Council spokesman said: “All schools have emergency procedures in place which may cover a number of different situations.“Individual schools may utilise practice drills of their emergency procedures in different ways depending on the particular school.”

Redcar and Cleveland Council

Schools and academies do have procedures in place like those in Hartlepool. The council said this was for “safeguarding arrangements” but no known drills are planned.

Stockton Council

Stockton Council said procedures are in place for the event of an emergency but no exercises are planned in any of its schools.

Middlesbrough Council

Each school in Middlesbrough Council’s area has its own policy on these procedures. There is no central policy dictated by the council. The Gazette Was told each headteacher will communicate with parents when an exercise is being carried out.

Rennyco working to keep our schools and children safe

Rennyco will be approaching a number of schools throughout Teesside, North Yorkshire, County Durham and Tyneside to offer a free school security survey. The survey will look at the overall security of the school and more specifically any lockdown procedures the school has in place.

Darlington based Rennyco have over 30 years experience in supplying and installing security fencing and access control systems through out the North of England

Rennyco have a number of gates and access control systems that will provide a fast and effective lockdown for schools in the event of a security risk at the school. These can be operated from central or localised controls.

More importantly though we have designs which manage access to school buildings and their grounds to reduce the risk of a dangerous person or animal from entering any part of the school which could pose a risk to staff or pupils.

Our security solutions create zones within the school, which allow vistors to approach the school during the school day but will control access to vulnerable areas. At times when the school requires access for parents to deliver and collect children from the school, we can allow access to the school grounds, whilst limiting access to the buildings.

Creating zones and controlled access to schools is important in safeguarding our school children.  Please contact us today on 0800 0116 144 / 01325 480502 to arrange a free school security survey.

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